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Learn HTML and CSS.

HTML is the "backbone" of every website: it structures the content of a webpage.

CSS makes the contently look pretty: it gives it style and format.

Bootstrap is a styling framework which helps make websites look good on desktops, tablets, and smart phones.

You will learn to create webpages and stylize them. After this step you will be able to create a basic, static website.

Learn HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


Learn your first programing language and make things more interesting: JavaScript is a programming language for the web which allows you to manipulate the content of a webpage, make it interactive, create dynamic effects, setup logic, perform calculations, create games, animations, and much more.

jQuery is a JavaScript library which makes it easy to perform complex JavaScript actions and interactive effects.

Learn JavaScript and jQuery


Learn what happens behind the scenes.

PHP is a popular language written for web servers which you can use to create dynamic, database driven websites and web applications.

MySql is a database and database language which allows you to store content such as the content of a website.

WordPress is a Content Management System which make it fast and easy to get up and running with a website.

Learn HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Cool Tools

You will learn to use the following tools as part of your learning and development environment:
TextMate, Jira, Aranxis Merge, Pixelmator


While our training and support for local development setup and configuration is fine tuned for Mac users, you are welcome to use Windows or Linux machines, with the understanding that the available support may be limited. BecomeADeveloper learning program has beed developed in a Mac environment and some of the tools featured throughout this program are available for Macs only. As a non Mac user you may need to choose alternate software solutions to the tools required to complete this training. For In-Class training you will need to bring a laptop.

About is a Hybrid In-Class / On-Line training program developed to help aspiring web developers learn the fundamentals of programming and web development.

Using a "project based" learning approach, you will be working on actual projects both individually and as part of a team. The focus is on aquiring the knowledge, developing the skills, and leveraging the tools commonly used in the development of web applications and web based software. The primary goal is to give you a basic foundation to help you jump start a career in an industry with high demand for skilled developers and software engineers.

Examples of such web applications and software are search engines, social networks, shopping websites, corporate websites, members portals, media streaming sites, software as a service products, online marketing tools, among many.

Your Mentor and Lead Instructor

This program has been developed by Florin Ilie, a seasoned web developer located in Phoenix, Arizona. With over 15 years of web development experience and a successful career in the IT industry, he brings you a wealth of knowledge, experience, and high coding standards.

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